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Why Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)?

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What is WGS?

<1% vs 100%

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While other technologies only decode less than 1% of your DNA, whole genome sequencing (as the name suggests analyzes 100% of your genome.

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 Whole Genome Sequencing kits are far more thorough and accurate than other major players in the at-home DNA kit market, including Ancestry and 23andMe.

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However, while the kits offers better accuracy and overall more genetic data, it does come at a marginally higher cost. This may leave you wondering if all this extra data is worth it, or even necessary. 

Why Do We Use WGS?

Wiley Nutrition partner with organisations like Nebula Genomics to provide WGS services for 4 main reasons:

  1. Incredibly accurate, reliable genetic results

  2. A single test that you will never have to do again (this data can be used for every genetic service in the future)

  3. As new clinical research data is released, we can provide updated results to our reporting suite so you get new data continuously 

  4. You can export the data and utilize other tools that allow you to freely explore your genes and chromosomes

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